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Behemoth Brain Smile 6x330ml Cans

Behemoth Pale Ale , It is commonly said that drinking beer is like pouring smiles on your brain. And we

Behemoth Hopped Up On Pils 6x330ml Bt

Behemoth Pils, The New Zealand Pilsner is a beautiful thing. It takes the crispness and freshing qualities of a Pilsner

Behemoth Me Time 6x330ml Cans

Behemoth Mosaic, Voted BEST IPA IN NZ!! Second in this series which showcases some of the world’s most famous hop

Behemoth Something Hoppy Pale Ale 6x330ml Bt

The third edition of the evolving hazy pale ale series from Behemoth because sometimes you want a little more booze

Garage Project Can of Beer 330ml 6pk

WHAT IS IT? It couldn’t be simpler. Pilsner malt, Saaz hops and Czech yeast. That’s it. Sometimes simple is exactly what you want. Why bother dressing it up? It is what it is. Beer. TASTING NOTES Simple is not that easy to brew! Using a single malt (Bohemian Pils), a single hop (Czech Saaz) and only one type of yeast (Budvar Lager). This beer uses quite a lot of hops and will often be considered to be too hoppy for the style, which is a Czech style-Pilsner. Confidence, control and restraint are crucial to creating a good product. It was the first printed can we released. Up until this point all of the cans had been sticker labelled. 4.8%

Garage Project Garagista IPA 330ml Can 6pk

WHAT IS IT? Embrace the Garagista spirit - ignore convention, experiment, test the limits, and look at things a little differently. Brewed and double dry hopped with New Zealand, Australian and US hops, resulting in tropical, resin and pine flavours. Great things can come from the garage. TASTING NOTES A wicked trio of hops that crosses continents brings a large dose of pineapple, lime, and dark berries on the nose, a solid and stong, yet reasonably light-medium bodied malt structure on the palatte to reinforce those hop characters all the way through to the finish. 5.8%

Garage Project Hapi Daze 330ml 6pk

PACIFIC PALE ALE WHAT IS IT? Hapi, the Maori word for hop, inspires this truly Pacific pale ale. Brewed with New Zealand barley and the best of the Kiwi hop harvest, Motueka, Wai-iti, Riwaka and Nelson Sauvin. Assertively Hoppy - exceptionally drinkable. Sessionble in strength, bright golden in colour and loaded with generous quantities of aromatic New Zealand hops. Very friendly indeed. TASTING NOTES Subtle and snappy attributes of lime, pear, grapefruit and apple come forward with a nose that exhibits almost kerosene and diesel notes from the Riwaka dry hop. 4.6%

Garage Project Pils N Thrills 330ml Can 6pk

Commercial description WHAT IS IT? 'Out of style' according to the rule books. Pils 'n' Thrills is the Garage's irreverent take on the classic Bohemian Pilsner. German malts combined with American Summit hops create a refreshingly crisp, golden beer with a snappy bitterness and lifter lemon citrus notes. It's definitely not your average pilsner, but then some rules were meant to be broken. TASTING NOTES Unusually hoppy for a Pilsner - snappy bitterness with a lemon citrus hop character. 5.5%

Panhead RatRod Hazy Pale Ale 6x330ml Btls

Panhead Hazy Pale Ale, In hot rodding a Rat Rod is a chopped, low slung, rough and rusty special, designed

Panhead Super Charger APA 6x330ml Btls

Panhead Super Charger , American Pale Ale ABV 5.7% Hops are where it starts for the born-again craft head and

Sawmill Extra Pale Ale 6x330ml Btls

Sawmill Extra Pale Ale, The name says it all – extra pale in colour with lots of stonefruit on the