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Akarua Brut 700ml

Akarua Brut, Strict ‘Methode Traditionelle’ to create this sparkling wine.  A Pinot Noir dominant blend with chardonnay; fruit is taken

Akarua Burt Rose 700ml

Akarua Rose, Strict ‘Methode Traditionelle’ aged for 18 months on lees. A Pinot Noir dominant blend with chardonnay; and fruit

Allan Scott Cecilia Brut 700ml

Consisting predominantly of Chardonnay blended with Pinot Noir this Méthode Traditionnelle was made to exacting standards using time-honoured techniques. Adapting

Armand de Brignac Champagne NV 750ml

Armand de Brignac Brut Gold - the flagship cuvee - is a singular example of the Brut Champagne tradition. Marvelously complex and full-bodied, its bouquet is both fresh and lively, with light floral notes. On the palate, the Brut Gold has a sumptuous, racy fruit character perfectly integrated with the wine’s subtle brioche accents. The Champagne’s texture is deliciously creamy, with great depth paired with a long, silky finish. The Brut Gold is pressed from a perfectly balanced blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier wine. Alc 12.5%

Brilla Prosecco Doc Nv 700ml

Brilla Prosecco, Refreshingly crisp with a delicate perlage, pale straw yellow color. Delicate and complex bouquet with fruity notes reminiscent

Cinzano Prosecco 700ml

Cinzano Prosecco, Fresh, fizzy and fruity, with flavours reminiscent of apple and pear. It has a sweet scent and a

Cloudy Bay Pelorus NV 750ml

Cloudy Bay Pelorus, Commercial description A fresh, aperitif style sparkling wine with apple crisp flavours, underpinned by nutty yeast complexity

Daniel Le Brun 700ml

Daniel Le Brun is a New Zealand Méthode Traditionnelle crafted from 100% Marlborough fruit. The culmination of 12 generations of

De Bortoli Prosecco 700ml

De Bortoli Prosecco, Pale with green hues. Fruit-driven with hints of green apple and wisteria. It tastes of apple and

De Bortoli prosecco Rose 700ml

De Bortoli prosecco Rose is quite textural with a pink colour coming from a small addition of Pinot Noir. The

Dom Perignon 750ml

Dom Perignon is a brand of Champagne produced by Moët et Chandon. It is named after Dom Pérignon, a Benedictine

Grandin Brut 750ml

SInce 1886, Grandin has produced an excellent quality sparkling wine from the Loire Valley, home to the world’s finest sparkling