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Bushmills 10YO 700ml

Bushmills the famous Irish Distillery in Northern Ireland, makes a range of whiskey expressions. The Bushmills 10 year old single

Bushmills Original Irish Whiskey 1000ml

The most famous Irish malt and the quality shows why. A malty palate with a fruity sweetness redolent of apples

Connemara Peated 700ml

Connemara Peated Single Malt Irish Whiskey captures the beauty of this region while reviving its traditions. This rare and original find among Irish whiskeys is a single malt, beautifully gilded in peat reek. Managing Director of Cooley Distillery, David Hynes and chairman John Teeling resurrected the traditional Irish custom of drying the malted barley over peat fires with this peated single malt. The smoke rising through the malted barley during this drying process confers the whiskey with a distinct peaty flavour and aroma. These traditional distilling methods combined with natural ingredients and long years in oak casks continue to create a whiskey that is simply exceptional! Alcohol Vol 40% Whiskey Range

Kilbeggan 700ml

Drawing on centuries of tradition and craft, Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey is distilled from the pure clear water and barley of Ireland, gently matured for long years in oak casks resting in ancient warehouses and skilfully blended to create a whiskey of unique smoothness, balance and character. Nose: Smooth and gentle, well rounded, sweet and malty with a hint of spice. Taste: Full, well balanced, sweet and soft start with an intriguing bitter-sweet character which endures. Serve neat, with water, on the rocks or with mixers such as cola, soda water, ginger ale or lemonade. Particularly recommended for Irish coffee where its malty nose comes through to give a truly unique and beautiful aroma. Alcohol Vol 40% Whiskey Range

Paddy Old Irish Whiskey 1000ml

Produced since 1779. Paddy owes its name to the legendary company salesman, Paddy Flaherty, famous in his native cork for standing rounds of his favourite whiskey, he created a taste for "Paddy's" whiskey and fittingly, his place in history. Triple distillation and long years spent maturing in oak casks give Paddy it's rich and mellow flavour. Enjoy it straight, on the rocks or with a mixer. Alcohol Vol 40%

Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey 700ml

MMA champion Conor McGregor has launched his own Irish whiskey label. Introducing Conor McGregor's own brand of Irish Whiskey. Distilled, aged, & bottled in Ireland, Proper No. Twelve is smooth and balanced with a fine blend of golden grain and full flavored malted barley. It's aged a minimum of three years in bourbon barrel and offers hints of vanilla, honey-like sweetness and toasted wood. A proper salute to all, Proper No. Twelve pays homage to the founder, Conor McGregor, and his neighborhood of Crumlin, Dublin 12. It embodies their shared spirit of brotherhood, loyalty, and hard work. Proper No. Twelve's global launch expression is a blend of the finest golden grain and single malt. It is produced in an area known for its rich soil and pure spring water. Proper No. Twelve is complex and sophisticated yet smooth and approachable with hints of vanilla, honey and toasted wood. 40% alc

Redbreast 12YO 700ml

Redbreast is a beautifully balanced pure pot still Irish Whiskey, with a warm, generous texture, rich, sweet flavours and a spicy kick. In the view of many connoisseurs, the finest Irish whiskey available. Picked up the top prize in its category at the World Whisky Awards 2010 and was named as Irish Whiskey of the year by Jim Murray in the Whisky Bible 2010, with a score of 96 points. Nose: A complex, spicy and fruity aroma with toasted wood notes evident. Taste: Full flavoured and complex, a harmonious balance of spicy, creamy, fruity, sherry and toasted notes. Finish: Satisfyingly long, the complex flavours linger on the palate. Alcohol Vol 40% Whiskey Range

Redbreast 15YO 700ml

"A sumptuous single pot still whiskey with a great degree of ageing, Redbreast 15 is richer, earthier and stronger than its 12 year old sibling. An essential part of any whiskey-drinker's education." Alc 46% Whiskey Range

Slane Irish Whiskey 700ml

Slane Irish Whiskey is a smooth spirit of natural character with untamed notes of oak and spice from a signature triple casked blend. From the family Conyngham of Slane Castle, the barrel-raising art of Brown-Forman, and the proud people of Slane Village, this is a whiskey for those living the stories that will be told for generations to come. Tasting Notes Smooth, complex and robust. Slane Irish Whiskey marries toasted grain and malt whiskeys with the distinctive flavours of each cask. Smooth with notes of oak and spice, each sip represents is a journey through the wild countryside and the chance to uncover the subtle layers of the whiskey’s complex character. 40%

Teeling Single Malt Irish Whiskey 700ml

"Third release in the Premium range of Teeling expressions completing our full range of non aged Irish whiskeys. Made from 100% Malted Barley from a range of different ages including Malt whiskey distilled in 1991. Aim to produce the most flavoursome NA Irish Single Malt based on our innovative maturation/finishing techniques while retaining the distinctive Irish smoothness. Consists of a vatting of 5 different wine cask (Sherry, Port, Madeira, White Burgundy, Cabernet Sauvignon) finished Irish Malt whiskeys. Like all the Teeling whiskeys it is bottled at 46% with no chill filtration allowing for all the natural flavours of the whiskey to be retained. Nose - Vibrant with notes of melon, figs, toffee and lemon Taste A balance mix of dry fruits, citrus, vanilla, spice and cloves Finish - Long with sweetness in harmony with dry tannins from the wood" 46% Alc Whiskey Range

Teeling Small Batch 700ml

"Produced by the Teeling Whiskey Company, this is a delicious small-batch blend with a very high malt content. It's also been matured in rum casks for added spice." 46% Alc Whiskey Range